Gao Ruofei (played by Zhang Zhikang) is an abandoned baby adopted by Lao Gao (played by Wu Ma) many years ago. Teacher Chen (played by Wei Yi), the head teacher, has always been regarded as the butterfly goddess in Ruofei’s heart. Ruofei likes a butterfly brooch of Teacher Chen very much. Teacher Chen informed Ruofei to participate in the school’s parent-child sports meeting. He stole the butterfly brooch and was discovered by his father. Unexpectedly, Lao Gao became furious after seeing the butterfly brooch. The wronged Ruofei ran away from home after arguing with Lao Gao. He traveled to the period of the Republic of China while running, and a special sports meeting was being held. There, Ruofei met Mr. Yang, who looked like Mr. Chen, and Dulong (played by Lu Yi), a martial arts soldier of the Northeast Army. Rich young master Jason (played by Ho Run Tung) made a special trip back from the United States in order to win the national martial arts championship in the sports meeting. He regards Dulong as his biggest competitor. Ruofei adores the heroic Dulong and stays with him all the time. In the process of getting acquainted with each other, Ruofei discovers an amazing secret.